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Repair Work &  Services

After 32 years of solving jewelry problems and repairs, M.B. Rich Jewelry has always liked the challenges of meeting and exceeding our customers expectations . We offer professional experience when repairing your jewelry, not an educated guess.



Ring Sizings

Ring Sizing is one of the most frequent jewelry repair services.

Ring Stretching is generally used only on plain bands due to the structural damage it can inflict on rings set with gemstones.

Ring Sizing generally requires soldering a small piece of metal to the bottom of the shank when going up, or sawing metal out of the shank and soldering the two ends when going down.

Ring Sizing Beads

Ring Sizing Beads can help a customer in numerous ways. This solution is for customers with enlarged or swollen knuckles, or for any customer who wishes to prevent their ring from twisting and turning, by soldering two small metal beads at the base of the ring shank. 


Replacing an entire prong on a piece of Jewelry that has been pulled, broken off, or worn down, damaging the structural integrity of the piece.


When the tops of prongs on a piece of jewelry are are worn down, necessary repairs require re-tipping. A Master Jeweler does this simply by adding matching metal to the top of the prong.

Ring Head/Setting Replacement Or Shank Rebuilding

Structural integrity of any piece of Jewelry is crucial. When the head of a ring is badly bent or severely damaged, our staff and master jeweler may suggest to replace it.

The same goes when the shank of a ring is damaged or wearing thin, which might result in Half-Shanking the ring. After replacing at least half of the damaged or thin shank adn soldering the new section into place, our Master Jeweler files and polishes the metal to match the rest of the ring.

Broken Chains/Clasp Replacements

Broken gold and silver chain are a quick and easy solder repair. Most clasps however, are not worth the effort to repair when the spring mechanism inside the clasp has broken, and should be replaced with a new one.


We offer several jewelry engraving options. Gold and silver inner ring engravings, outer ring etching/engraving designs, medical IDs, pendants and necklaces, and other possible gold and silver items.




M. B. Rich Jewelry provides both verbal and written appraisals. 

Verbal appraisals include giving an estimated price on your piece or pieces. This is courtesy service unless the quantity of the pieces becomes many, then a charge may be applied. 

Written appraisals are generally needed for insurance purposes. Our detailed appraisals will impress any insurance company. Not only does our professional appraisers include all details including carat weight, metal ounce, and estimated costs, we also include pictures of your piece. Your written appraisals are safely stored in our system if anything were to ever happen to your copy. 

Pearl/Bead Restringing

From single strands and add-a-pearls, to three-stand necklaces, we can resting your broken pearls. Prices vary on the type of pearl or bead and the necklace or bracelet length.


White gold jewelry is essentially an alloy of 24k yellow gold and requires a plate of rhodium to maintain a bright reflective white color. After a while of wearing, white gold jewelry begins to fade back to its original yellowish color. This is not uncommon. We will re-rhodium your piece back to the beautiful white gold you fell in love with.


Day-to-day activities can dull our Jewelry with dirt or any other material such as cleaning supplies, lotion, and grease. M. B. Rich Jewelry offers little to no charge cleanings and inspections to ensure your piece is secure and looking like new.

Watch Batteries & Link Removal


A Master Jeweler Soldering a customers wedding ring to its matching band.


A Master Jeweler preparing to retip the prongs of an engagement ring.

A Master Jeweler soldering the links of a customers broken yellow gold chain.


 A Jewelry Repair team member replacing 394 battery in a customers watch.