ACTS Missions


Adoration. Community. Theology. Service.

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What is an ACTS Retreat?

          An ACTS Retreat is a parish-based event which offers parishioners an opportunity to experience the love of Jesus Christ. This in turn fosters a desire for intentional discipleship.

          ACTS Retreats are given by parishioners for parishioners, and in this way, serve to build Christian community at a parish.    

          The ACTS Retreat experience is rooted in the Pascal Mystery in that retreatants are invited to reflect on the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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We love hearing the wonderful journeys our customers experience when going on their ACTS Retreat adventures. Please share with us your stories and have a chance to be featured on social media and receive a 30% discount on any of our in-house custom made ACTS pieces.

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